Viento Aparte (original title)


Mar (15) and Karina's (12) mother suffers a stroke during the family holidays. Abandoned to their luck, the siblings will start a long journey through Mexico to their grandmother's house. On the way they will face a broken and divided country, wounded by mistrust, resentment and violence. Diverse characters, strangers on their own land, will be joining and leaving, in a labyrinthine road, until their final destiny.


Director: Alejandro Gerber  Bicecci

99 min | Spanish | Mexico

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Friday September 23 @  4pm BLOCK 1 in Theater #1









Carga Sellada (original title)


A cargo of toxic waste from abroad is discovered in a small Andean village. The government decides to silence complaints by secretly moving the waste in an old steam train to be thrown across the Chilean border.

An ambitious police captain, an old anarchist train conductor, three policemen and a runaway girl face illegal blockades and confrontations: people from other towns do not want the train with its poisonous cargo crossing their land. The three-day trip turns into three weeks.

The press turns it into a media scandal. The government turns its back on the mission. The train and its passengers are abandoned to their fate in the Bolivian highlands.


Director: Julia Vargas

108 min | Spanish | Bolivia

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Sunday September 25 @ 4:30pm BLOCK 22 in Theater #2





Lo Siento Laura (original title)


After Argentinean immigrant Laura discovers her boyfriend in bed with another woman, she and her Venezuelan friend Lili try everything they can to find the ideal man in Santiago de Chile.


Director: Jorritt Smink

83 min | Spanish | Chile

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Saturday September 24 @  4:30pm BLOCK 11 in Theater #2









El Ganador (original title)


In the Mexican town of Oaxaca, Adalberto's wife, Rosario, slams the door on their twenty-year marriage and leaves to live with her sister in Australia. The day of her departure, her nearly-blind old uncle - in a hospice for the dying - wins the lottery. Misogynist Adalberto puts on a wig and a dress and 'becomes' Rosario in hopes of inheriting the money. But the uncle's notary finds another niece and the newly-minted 'Rosario' must prove herself the more deserving heir. Ambition gets sidetracked as Adalberto attempts to win the contest by caring for an abandoned child and ends up playing grandmother to a six-year-old version of himself.


Director: Eva Benedikt

85 min | Spanish | Mexico

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Sunday September 25 @  1:30 pm BLOCK 20 in Theater #2


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