Daughter of the Lake

Hija de la Laguna (original title)


An Andean woman uses her powers to communicate with water spirits to stop a mining corporation from destroying a lake.


Director: Ernesto Cabellos

75 min | Spanish | Peru

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Saturday September 24 @ 7:15pm BLOCK 14






All of Me

Llevate mis Amores (original title)


A documentary that tells the stories of the women who live in La Patrona, a Mexican village that is situated by the tracks of a train from Central America that brings many migrants North to the U.S..


Director: Arturo González Villaseñor

90min | Spanish | Mexico

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Friday September 23 @ 10:30pm BLOCK 9






Luz in Latin America

Luz en Latinoamerica (original title)


The inspiring account on international bodyboarding star Luz 'Loly' Grande-a young woman on a personal mission to make bodyboarding a means to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Puerto Rico, Argentina, Brazil, and Peru.


Director: Amanda Nemcik

85min | Spanish | Puerto Rico-US

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Saturday September 24 @ 10:30pm BLOCK 18






Silo, A Spiritual Path

Silo, Un Camino Espiritual (original title)


Silo, a Spiritual Path, tells the inspirational story of one man’s response to global violence and the repressive regimes of Argentina and Chile. Silo’s radical system of self-realization leading to nonviolent social change speaks powerfully to those working for social justice and human rights today. This international movement is now practiced by thousands of people around the world, making Silo one of the most important social and spiritual guides to emerge from Latin America.


Director: Pablo Lavin

81min | Spanish | Chile/Argentina

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Saturday September 24 @ 4pm BLOCK 10






Assault to Freedom

Asalto Hacia la Libertad (original title)


In 1963, five years after the Cuban revolution, four young men and two young women put together a risky plan in action – assaulting and taking control of a passenger boat, looking for freedom.


Director: Marcos Moreno

79min | Spanish | USA

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Friday September 23 @ 7:15pm BLOCK 5


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